Three New NXT-G Blocks Available for Beta Testing

June 14th, 2011

HiTechnic has just made three NXT-G blocks available for beta testing. Two of these are specific to the IRSeeker sensors and the other is a general purpose math block. There is a new IRSeeker Block will replace the current V1 and V2 IRSeeker blocks and adds support for selecting 600Hz AC mode (you can still use the default 1200Hz AC). The other sensor block is the Enhanced IRSeekerV2 block which is designed to give you improved short range performance versus the standard IRSeeker block. This block allows you to easily limit the range of a number by either clamping or wrapping around to a certain range.
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New HiTechnic Motor PID Block

May 12th, 2011

The latest NXT-G block from HiTechnic is not a sensor block but a Motor block! This block implements a Proportional – Integral – Derivative, or PID, controller. Unlike the standard Motor block, which tends to emphasize relative movement, this block is designed to give absolute position control over the motor. The main input to the block is a Set Point value which is the angle position that you want to the motor to drive to. The block also supports several Reset actions to establish a reference position for the motor.
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New IR RC Kart Sample Model

April 22nd, 2011

Introducing the latest HiTechnic Sample Model, the HiTechnic IR RC Kart. This is an all new remote controlled car model and should be considered an alternative to the IR RC Car. This model is buildable with either LEGO Mindstorms 1.0 or 2.0 set as it only uses a subset of the parts available in these two sets. The IR RC Kart uses an IR Receiver sensor to make it controllable with a LEGO Power Functions remote. The model also introduces the new HiTechnic Motor PID Block; a general purpose motor control block that makes it easy to drive an NXT motor to an absolute position regardless of the current motor position.
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Angle Sensor and analog RPM Gauge in NXT-G

February 12th, 2011

The HiTechnic Angle Sensor can give you three pieces of data regarding the axle input: the angle, accumulated angle and RPM. In this blog post I demonstrate the RPM feature of the sensor and present a program that displays an analog RPM gauge on the NXT screen. The program also allows you to control the motor on port A of the NXT so you can test the gauge using a motor. If you have access to other LEGO motors, such as PF motors, you can use those as well with the Angle sensor.
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New HiTechnic blocks for Sin, Cos, and ATan2

January 21st, 2011

Announcing NXT-G blocks to calculate sine, cosine, as well as arctangent! These functions can be useful for advanced navigation or to process the data from sensors such as the Acceleration sensor. Both floating point (for LEGO Mindstorms 2.0 and above only) and integer versions (for all Mindstorms versions but intended for 1.0 users) are available. Read the rest of this entry »

IRLink Single Output Block Available

January 7th, 2011

A new IRLink Power Functions block was recently added to the HiTechnic downloads page which uses a mode known as Single Output Mode. Unlike the other IRLink PF blocks, this block sends a command that is not subject to timeout by the PF controller. This should be useful to anyone who uses the IRLink for controlling PF motors but especially for train folks where it is desirable for the train to keep going even when it goes out of range.
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Introducing the NEW HiTechnic Magnetic Sensor

September 23rd, 2010

HiTechnic recently released the Magnetic Sensor. This sensor is designed to detect the magnetic field of a magnet and return a value that corresponds to the polarity and strength of the field. In this post I will present a simple program to view the sensor value and give some explanation on what kind of values you can expect from the sensor.
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Experimenter’s Kit with Java using Lejos

August 16th, 2010

Allan Caine has written on his blog an entry on programming the HiTechnic Experiment’s Kit in Java with Lejos.  You will find a download for interfacing with the HiTechnic Prototype board using Lejos as well as an excellent video tutorial where he goes through one of the experiments from the HiTechnic handbook using Lejos instead of NXC or NXT-G, which are the languages used in the handbook.
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SMUX NXT-G Blocks Now Available

August 2nd, 2010

Sensor blocks for the LEGO Mindstorms software are now available on the HiTechnic Downloads page that add support for the HiTechnic Sensor Multiplexer (SMUX). In addition to SMUX support, the new HiTechnic Color, Compass, Acceleration, and Gyro sensors also add support for the data logging feature of the Education Edition of the LEGO Mindstorms 2.0 software. There are also blocks available for the LEGO Touch, Light, Sound, and Ultrasonic sensors that make it possible to use these sensors with the SMUX. This post will describe how to use these blocks in your NXT-G programs.
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HTWay – Bluetooth Version

July 24th, 2010

The HTWay programs, both the NXT-G and the NXC versions, are designed so that the control code and the balance code are separate. This makes it possible to modify the control code without effecting the balance code. Want to add different sensors such as a Light sensor for line tracking or Ultrasonic for obstacle avoidance, then you can do that in the control code without having to worry about the details needed to make the robot balance. This post will show you and example of how that can be done by creating a remote controlled Bluetooth version using a second NXT for the Bluetooth controller. This second NXT features active controls using the NXT motors that will self-center when you let go of them.
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