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Here you will find articles about HiTechnic sensors, models, special projects, building advice etc.  If someone out there does or writes something interesting involving one of our products then we will try to post an entry here pointing their way.

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  1. Jim Kindsvater says:

    Gus — I met you at the SRS meeting on Saturday 2/20/10. Thanks for a great demonstration of the power of LEGO with the addition of your range of sensors and other gadgets. I bought an NXT set a couple of years ago, built the basic tryke, tried to get my grandson to build the walker (he gave up) and basically gave up on the set due to the limited number of I/O’s. I’m quite glad to see your range of sensors as well as your multi-plexer blocks. These give a new dimension to the NXT kit. I’m also glad to hear about the increased memory in the 2.0 version as I felt that was also a liability of the system. I’ll follow your blog, get some pieces, and try again with the 1.0 set. Should be fun! BR, Jim.

  2. Gus says:

    Jim – I’m glad you enjoyed the talk. But just to be clear, the NXT 2.0 does not have more memory than the 1.0. In fact, the NXT brick is exactly the same. The only change with the NXT itself is the firmware. Memory is a big issue with large NXT-G programs as these tend to use a lot of memory. If you program in NXC or RobotC, you will find that you can have fairly significant programs without major memory problems.
    - Gus

  3. Glenn says:

    When will a programming block for NXT be available for the Multisensor (SMUX)? Bought this for my kid’s Christmas and they still can’t use it because of the lack of a programming block.

  4. Gus says:

    We are working on getting the SMUX blocks released as soon as possible. Most are done and we are in the middle of testing them now.

    We are sorry for the delay. We know there are many customers who are waiting for these.

  5. Dan says:

    Hi, I purchased the Gyro sensor to for my son to build the Segway type robot on your website. We followed the directions. We made all the required updates. We receive this Error code 5002. Please help. Thanks

  6. Gus says:

    Dan – I think you may be missing the Gyro Sensor or the IR Receiver block. Make sure you download and install both of these NXT-G blocks and then try to open the HTWay program again. Even if you do not have an IR Receiver, you will need to download and install the block unless you remove the part of the program that uses that block.

  7. Carlos says:

    He tratado de encontra los bloque controladores para HiTechnic Move Motors y el HiTechnic Move Servos, para Tetrix e importalo a lego mindstorms education NXT pero no los he podido encontra ojala puedas ayudaarme gracias.

  8. Gus says:

    You can find the TETRIX blocks here: TETRIX Robotics.

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